Face Mask

It contains cream or a special type of paper containing skin nutrients which is applied on to your face. Its main purpose is to provide the nourisment your skin needs from the outside. When it is put on for a specific time, your skin can't breath. The mask's nutrients are absorbed by your skin. It helps your skin to be clean and smoothened.

Special Skin Care Programme

For a specific skin requirement, your skin is tested first then following processes are applied which are cleansing, deep cleansing via vapor and peeling. This programme improves the appearance and feel of skin, deeping down into pores, dissolving dirt, oil and makeup, moisturizing your skin via cream, relieving swellings and wrinkles so your skin looks fresher and healtier

Foot Care (Hard Skin Removal)

Calluses and patches of hard skin on the feet can be incredibly painful. Thick hard skin is an area of skinthat is thicker than usual and has become hard as a result. You can get rid of this problem through this treatment.



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