Salt Peeling

This will increase the correct circulation and flow benefits massage. One of the biggest benefits to salt scrubs, particularly the salt scrub, is the glow that your skin is left with. a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells.

£10 / €13 /  $15

lycian d-spa-salt-peeling

Coconut Peeling

Coconut oil is still a great beauty staple that can be used for myriad things — including skin- and hair-care treatments.

£10 / €13 / $15

Caffee Peeling

This massage relieves pain, relaxe tissue, stumilates blood circulation, improving the elimination of waste in every part of the body. Its main purpose is to relax the muscle under the skin, make you feel pleasant sensation but is also helpful for deeper layers of muscle.

£10 / €13 / $15

Tanning Oil

A rare blend of nature's rich tanning oils. A touch of Hawaiian Tropical, exotic, natural flora, fruit and nut extracts - immerse yourself into pure indulgence and soak up nature's richest tanning blend of exotic Hawaiian oils. This uniquely luxurious formula enriched with Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, moisturizes and softens skin to help achieve and promote a deep, dark tan of the islands.

£10 / €13 / $15



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