The Traditional Turkish Bath

We care about your health.

Our saloon and the equipment we use are frequently
disinfected. The fever measurements of our
 employees is measured  regularly.

About Us
Lycian D Spa strives to offer a unique experience. The Spa was founded on the philosophy that the synthesis of modern and traditional healing techniques in combination with natural products known for their healing and beauty properties create a fusion which ensures absolute relaxation and rejuvenation. Another principle Lycian D Spa strictly adheres to, is providing individually customized, attentive treatments with a quality of service rivaling five star Hotel Spas!

The Spa’s owner, with meticulous attention to detail, has put in tremendous effort into building the Spa on this philosophy and more importantly staying true to the principles in every operational aspect of the Spa. The sleek modern design of the Spa merges with local natural building materials such as stone, wood and bamboo, providing the perfect, clean, comfortable ambience and setting for enjoying a variety of exceptionally relaxing and invigorating treatments.

The aim for profit often overpowers quality in many Spas in Fethiye and Oludeniz area, this is however not the case at Lycian D Spa. Lycian D Spa prides itself on its superior quality in treatments, service and products. It is perhaps the only Spa in the region that can quarantee the use of 100% pure essential oil in its great selection of Massage Oils that guests can take full advantage of the benefits of the essential oils.

Lycian D Spa providing guests with an incredible, unique spa experience. It is believed at Lycian D Spa that well trained and content staff transmit positive energy throughout the Spa further enhancing the guest’s experience.

Lycian D Spa is a young competitor in Hisaronu Village thriving Spa & Hamam industry but having entered the stage with such a passion for quality and excellence that it is rapidly becoming a front-­‐runner in the region. For more information, please visit the wonderful team at Lycian D Spa or give us a call ( +90 (252) 616 7660 )or contact with us via e-mail ( info@lyciandspa.com ).

Balance your Mind,

Harmonize your Soul,

Experience Lycian D-Spa.

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Turkish Bath Services

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Skin Care Programs

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Massage Treatments

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Classic Package   



  • Classic Turkish Bath 30 min.
  • Classic Massage 45 min.
  • Face Mask
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)
Economic Package 



  • Classic Turkish Bath 30 min.
  • Classic Massage 45 min.
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)
  • Face Mask & Peeling
Special Package



  • Ritual Turkish Bath 60 min.
  • Anti-Stress Massage 60 min.
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)
  • Face Mask
Cleopatra Package



  • Ritual Turkish Bath Treatment 60 min.
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    60 min.
  • Honey Therapy
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)
  • Face Mask

Signature Package



  • Ritual Turkish Bath Treatment 60 min.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    60 min.
  • Reflexology 30 min.
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)
  • Face Mask

Luxury Package



  • Ritual Turkish Bath Treatment 60 min.
  • Abyanga Massage 90 min. (four handed)
  • Special Skin Care Program
  • Heel Care (Dead Skin Removal)

  • All Four Handed

Our Massage Therapists

Lycian D Spa Staff Ayşegül

Lycian D Spa Staff Basak

Lycian D Spa Staff Erol

Lycian D Spa Staff Damla

Lycian D Spa Staff Zuhal

Lycian D Spa Staff Gizem

Lycian D Spa Staff Cemre

Lycian D Spa Staff Kadir


Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd. No 5, 48340 Hisaronu/Muğla


Email: info@lyciandspa.com
Phone: +90 (252) 616 7660 
Gsm : +90 (532) 707 6991

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